Kelly, 29

“Professional each and every session , Nancy makes you feel Comfortable and immediately puts you at ease. Highly recommended.”

Daniel, 35, Teacher

“Nancy is simply wonderful at what she does; personable, professional and empathetic. She guided me with careful attention through what I needed to deal with and I was always fully supported both in and out of the practice room. Thanks to her, I am equipped with a range of tools to help me deal withContinue reading “Daniel, 35, Teacher”

Julia, 26, Office Worker

“I was recommended Nancy by a friend for doing some shamanic journeying. Immediately Nancy put me at ease. This was something I hadn’t done before and honestly I was a bit sceptical! However once we started the first journey I was blown away by how in tune she is with energies and what was happeningContinue reading “Julia, 26, Office Worker”

Veronica, 28, Sports PA

“I couldn’t stop biting may nails and wanted to before my wedding day. I was so surprised at where the journey with Nancy took me in my own mind, its really fascinating how things that we thought we have forgotten can still impact us and cause unwanted habits and behaviour. I stopped biting my nailsContinue reading “Veronica, 28, Sports PA”

Clare, 45, Manager

“I went back and did a lot of healing of old experiences with Nancy. Falling asleep has become easy now, when I really couldn’t sleep for decades! I have learnt to be more patient with myself too. I could share anything with Nancy, and explore my deepest feelings in our sessions. Thank you for encouragingContinue reading “Clare, 45, Manager”

Caro, 44, Catering

“I have a lot of good/useful thoughts promoted by your good questions in the sessions things are becoming clearer. It’s really very kind of you to create a safe space in which I feel I can let my guard down & be/feel really vulnerable. Big thank you!”

Rachel, 24, Sales

“Working with Nancy helped stop my night terrors. She put me at ease very quickly and I could tell her anything. I couldn’t work when I went to her initially because I was such a mess, but very soon I was back on my feet and making positive changes. I am so grateful. I thoughtContinue reading “Rachel, 24, Sales”

Emily, 30, Banking

“I had issues around food since I was a child. Working with Nancy made me realise that this wasn’t about food at all, which I didn’t expect. Over 10 weeks she used hypnosis and NLP with me and gave me homework to do. She really listened to me and I never felt judged. I alwaysContinue reading “Emily, 30, Banking”