Cacao Ceremonies

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A deep meditation, cacao ceremonies are an opportunity to switch off from the outside world and make time to reconnect with yourself by way of a shamanic journey. When we meet with the spirit of Cacao she helps us to find the answers that we need and to heal what needs to be healed, as well as offering clarity for the next steps we need to take to find our happiness.

Raw, Organic, Pure and Ceremonial Grade Cacao

We only use the best, unadulterated cacao in our ceremonies. We keep it pure so that you can have the very best experiences with the Cacao spirit and get exactly what you need every time.

These ceremonies can help you to relax and unwind but if you want more than that you can go deeper. Cacao can help you to gently access and address patterns and fears buried deep in your unconscious, so that you can release them and find your true self and happiness.

We gather as a group in a safe space and drink warm cacao, after which you are guided on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Nancy uses classical shamanic techniques, NLP, hypnosis and sound healing to help you to connect with yourself and the spirit of Cacao. Here you can move through emotional blocks, find compassion for yourself and others, and overcome fears that have held you back.

Never Been to a Cacao Ceremony before?

Don’t worry, it’s easy! You are gently guided into a very deep relaxation. This allows you to access your innermost wisdom, in safe hands. Usually our ceremonies last 2-3 hours. You will leave feeling blissed out, connected, more relaxed and at peace.

Who is Cacao for?

Anyone can take part in a Cacao ceremony. Whether you want to to let go of past hurts, traumas, resentments or regret, or you simply want to spend some time recharging and destressing after a busy week, Cacao will only take you as far as you want to go. It is important to consult Nancy if you are taking any medication before booking a ceremony.

Regular Cacao Ceremonies

Our regular ceremonies are themed depending on what emotional issues need to worked through, the seasons, and astrological events. If you come along regularly and deep dive into yourself you will experience deep and lasting changes, driving your own transformation. One-to-one cacao sessions are bespoke, tailored to what you need.

Bring magic and healing to your heart and your life with a sacred cacao ceremony. Harness the natural healing powers of Cacao and make way for joy and love to come into your life. Relax, quiet the mind, connect with yourself. Fill your heart with bliss. 

For centuries our ancestors have come together to celebrate and recharge with the magic of nature, bringing about deep connection and grounding within, and between, people. This is a great way to let go of the past, feel present and manifest a brilliant future. 

Take this opportunity to quiet the brain chatter and have some time just for you. Make time to deeply relax and allow positive transformation to take take place on an unconscious level. The more you work with Cacao the more she will help you to access your inner wisdom.

Cacao was the food of the Gods for a reason. Bursting with healing properties and health benefits, Cacao taken in a group setting can bring about the shift you need to take you to your next level. Heal your heart with ceremonial grade, hand harvested, raw, organic chocolate. 

“I had never done a ceremony before but quickly I felt really safe to explore my feelings in this way. I will go back.”

– GB, 24

“Cacao has really helped me to work through pain I had in my past. Now I feel free to be me and know I am enough.”

-NM, 32

“I look forward to these ceremonies because they help me relax. It’s just for me and helps me recharge.”

-FA, 56


Nancy is a therapist with extensive knowledge of working with Cacao and classical Shamanic traditions. She creates a safe space for you to heal and take you on a meditative journey with Cacao so you can settle into a ‘blissed out’ feeling, ready to manifest wonderful things in your life!

Allow Nancy to take you on a journey into your heart, soul and the collective consciousness where you can meet yourself and your ancestors, heal pain and find your own power. Banish limiting beliefs and embrace your truest, best self and innate gifts. 

Anything is Possible

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